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HGC Protocol, I’m On A New Weight Loss Program! (Updated)

I would personally recommend looking into the HCG protocol for anyone who wants to lose weight fast, and without killing themselves in the gym! – Very exciting stuff.

UPDATE (April 25, 2012): So I’m done the phase 1 & 2 (of my second round) and I’m now onto phase 3 (the maintenance phase). My weight is now stabilized, and my total weight loss this round was 21 lbs. So, combined with the first round that I did, where I lost 20 lbs, I have lost a TOTAL of 41 lbs! Nothing I’ve ever tried before (including high impact interval training, and every diet known to woman) has ever worked as well as HCG did for for me. I’m VERY impressed, and glad to have found out about it!

I have recently started a new weight loss program called The HCG protocol...

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