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Starbucks To Stop Using Insects To Color Their Food And Drinks!

Starbugs: Coffee chain Starbucks to stop using insects to color food and drinks.

Ewwwwww….. If you’re going to put bug parts in my Starbucks coffee, at least tell me about it first! From this day forward, I shall refer to Starbucks as “StarBugs.


If you have not heard the latest news from Starbucks, well, let me fill you in. Starbucks finally came out and admitted to their coffee drinkers (on their blog) earlier this week that they have been using “beetle-based food dye” to color their strawberry flavored mixed drinks, and other foods like the raspberry swirl cake, and red velvet whoopie pies! Are you flipping kidding me!?!? ..I mean how long has Starbucks been using this beetle-based food dye in their food and drinks? I will always look at Starbucks differently now...

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