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Kate’s Beautiful Pink Rose!

Just as I promised in my previous rose post, here is a picture of my Pink Rose called “Rosa.”
This rose bush has done amazing this year, I have so many blooms on it. This time last year I think I only got five blooms total.

Look for my upcoming post of a picture of my Black Bacarra rose bush. I have been so excited about this rose bush, I just can’t wait to see my black roses in full bloom. I just checked earlier today and I have six blooms starting on it already. Woot Woot!!

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Kate’s Beautiful Peach Rose!

Happy Monday Everyone,

I thought this would brighten everyone’s Monday, by showing you my beautiful Peach Rose named “Brandy” and yes that really is the name of this rose bush.

Roses are my favorite flower, I can not get enough of them. I have three other rose bushes that are ready to bloom any day now and I will post pictures of my Red Rose Bush called “The Imperial,” my Pink Rose Bush called “Rosa,” and my Black Rose Bush called the “Black Baccara” when they do.

Here is a close up of my Peach Rose. I just planted this rose bush two months ago and I already have a rose and another rose getting ready to bloom.


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