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Manitoba Harvest Review

Manitoba Harvest Review:

Organic Hemp Hearts
Organic Dark Chocolate Hemp Protein Powder

I had an opportunity to try a couple of Manitoba Harvest’s products, their “Organic Hemp Hearts” and “Organic Dark Chocolate Hemp Protein Powder.” All of Manitoba Harvest’s products are GMO Free, and use only the best hemp protein that is 100% certified organic. Read on and find out how liked Manitoba Harvest’s products.

Quality from Seed to Shelf!

Organic Hemp Hearts

My Findings:  Manitoba Harvest’s Hemp Hearts have a nice nutty flavor to them and are soooo healthy for you. You can eat them by themselves or you can add sprinkle them on your salad or even in your protein shakes. The choices are endless. Manitoba Harvest’s Hemp Hearts are organic and are an excellent source of protein.

Organic Dark...

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