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Taste of Nature Snack Bars Review

Polynesian Coconut Breeze
Mediterranean Pistachio Passion
Québec Cranberry Carnival
Caribbean Ginger Island
Argentina Peanut Plains
Persian Pomegranate Garden
Brazilian Nut Fiesta
California Almond Valley


Simply the Best | Taste of Nature

My Findings: Taste of Nature sent me their line of snack bars for review. The bars have nothing artificial, no fillers, and or harsh chemicals in them. Finding snack bars that are free of harsh chemicals is hard these days. I also like that you can see wholesome  ingredients in Taste of Nature bars, not just flakes of real food.  I enjoyed all of Taste of Nature bars, my favorite being the Polynesian Coconut Breeze bar. These bars are excellent after a hard workout, or to pick you up during the afternoon at work.

Taste of Nature is 100% cert...

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Beanitos Chips Review

Beanitos: Black Bean, Pinto Bean, Chipotle BBQ and Cheddar Cheese Chips Review

I love having a bowl of popcorn, or chips when I’m sitting down to play my favorite video game. I, however, do not like snacks that are made from GMO corn, or that have chemically added flavoring and other nasties (like MSG) in them. Enter Beanitos, a GMO corn free, low glycemic bean based chip! Read on to see how I liked them.

For Serious Snackers!

Beanitos Black Bean Chips

My Findings:
I was not a huge fan of  the Beanitos Black Bean chips. For my tastes (and yours might be different), I wish there would have been a little more flavor and not so much salt on them.

Beanitos Pinto Bean and Flax Chips

My Findings:
I was surprised how good these snacks tasted...

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