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Review: Cortex Solo450 Giraffe Flat Iron from Flat Iron Experts

Cortex Solo450 Giraffe Flat Iron Review

Are you looking for a new flat iron, a very stylish designer flat iron at that? Flat Iron Experts at have an absolutely HUGE selection of flat irons that come in just about every color and style you can imagine. Flat Iron Experts sent me their latest flat iron called the “Cortex Solo450 Giraffe Flat Iron.” Read on for my findings on the “Cortex Solo450 Giraffe Flat Iron” below.

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My Findings:
I have used several flat irons in the past. My very first iron was the Chi, and it was recommended to me after I walked into a few hair salons and asked them which was best. The Chi was a fantastic flat iron for the time. I used it a lot over the years...

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