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Dentist Pulls Out All Of Her Ex-Boyfriends Teeth After Split!

Breaking up is never easy. It’s even more painful when your ex-girlfriend rips 32 of your teeth out!!


OMG.. when I read this article of a scorned dentist who removed all of her ex-boyfriends teeth, my jaw hit the desk. This chick must have rocks in her head to go as far as to remove her ex-boyfriends teeth. The other question that comes to mind is …WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU BE HAVING A DENTAL PROCEDURE BY YOUR EX-GF!?!?!?!

This all started when Marek Olszewski had a major tooth ache and made an appointment with his ex-girlfriend Anna Mackowiak to have his sore tooth looked at. Marek Olszewski could never have imagined that his ex=girlfriend Anna Mackowiak would remove all of his teeth...

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