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Alter Eco Chocolate Bars Review

Alter Eco Chocolate Bars

Dark Velvet Chocolate Bar
Dark Coconut Toffee Chocolate Bar
Dark Quinoa Chocolate Bar
Dark Blackout Chocolate Bar
Dark Cacao Chocolate Bar
Dark Almond Chocolate Bar
Dark Mint Chocolate Bar
Dark Twist Chocolate Bar

Alter Eco is a company that offers wide variety of products, but mostly chocolate products. Alter Eco sent me their line of Dark Chocolate bars to try out. I was so excited to try out their chocolate bars since I have to admit, just like most women, I LOVE chocolate!  All Alter Eco chocolate bars are full of organic ingredients, and are also Fair Trade chocolate. Check out my review below and find out what Alter Eco chocolate bars I liked best!

Nourishing Foodies, Farmer and Field

Alter Eco Chocolate Bars:

My Findings: Each one of Alter Eco chocolate...

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