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High Heel Bath Tub

Every Women’s Dream, …“High Heel Bath Tubs!!”


I have died and gone to heaven. I love high heels, I have high heel pictures, purses, and even high heel figurines all over my place. This would be my perfect dream tub to come home to every night and soak in. If I ever win the lottery I will be buying me one of these tubs to diva my bathroom out. There is no price tag attached to these tubs, I’m thinking they probably didn’t want to scare the high heels off of us! LOL…

An Italian company named SICIS created these sexy glitzy glass mosaic (on the outside), and acrylic and/or fiberglass (on the inside) tubs, for all those monied high heel lovers out there. Just Fabulous!


You can see all of SICIS’s beautiful high heel bath tubs here.

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