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Book Review Of “A Rose to the Fallen” by April Bostic

Kate, The Blog Diva’s Book Review Of  “A Rose to the Fallen”

5 Stars Out Of 5

OH MY GOD!!! I’m speechless at the moment I think back on this book. This book took my breath away. Do you know when read that one book, and you connect with the characters on a deeper level, that is what I felt when I read April’s book “A Rose to the Fallen”.

This book has it all from Jealously, Love, Heart Ache, Soul Mates, Undying Love, Joy, and so much more. This book never once lacked in stiring emotion. I was drawn right from the beginning into Tristan and Bridget’s undying love for each other. I shed tears of joy and sadness. I laughed and was shocked all at the same time while reading this book. I felt like I was reading a movie script...

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