Hello October!

8 comments to Hello October!

  • Bethany the ngnrdgrl  says:

    I much more of a Summer gal. It’s all cold and rainy now. 🙁 Looking on the bright side: now I get to pull out my fun scarves and hoodies. 🙂 Happy October!

  • NYCSingleMom  says:

    love the fall colors

  • hula~la  says:

    Yes…to October and all of its colorful Autumn glory! Beauty and Bounty! Aloha

  • Monica  says:

    Gorgeous colours! I live in a place that also has beautiful fall colours and autumn is one of my favourite times of the year!

  • Sophia  says:

    I am so happy to live in a world with Octobers, too. I get to have pumpkin cookies and spiced lattes. Thank you for linking up.


  • Diana @ Toronto Teacher Mom  says:

    I prefer June over October. Just saying. 🙂

  • Jennifer @ Mom Spotted  says:

    I’m a summer girl but I do love October 🙂 It is my favorite month of photos here in New England!

  • Felicia  says:

    Yes! I love October and all the yummy pumpkiny things it brings.

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