Review Policy



All product reviews posted on ONLY appear on my web site based on my personal enjoyment of the product, and because I feel that the product was “exceptional” in that it was novel, or stood very tall above the others I have personally come in contact with. In this manner, I will ONLY post reviews for products that I find to be exceptionally good, and of interest to my readers. I will not burden the readers of with product reviews for products that are only marginal. I will also NOT post reviews for products that fail to impress me (for what ever reason). The readers of love to hear about great products (just as I do), and I make no compromises on that. Only above average, and exceptionally good products will be reviewed here.



The readers of will be delighted to know that I am in NO WAY financially compensated for the product reviews posted on my website. Every review I post on my web site is an honest opinion and derived from my own experience with the product. The products I write about are the products that I love to talk about to my family, to my friends, and share with all of you!