The WHOLE WORLD (especially online) is caring less and less about what advertisers have to say about themselves (paid advertising), and they are caring more and more about what other users and independent reviewers have to say. It’s an undeniable trend.” – Jim Cockrum


Kate, The Blog Diva is a PR friendly blog. Favorable product reviews are a great way to get the word out and create a buzz out about your product or service!

I have always prided myself on sharing my honest and fair opinions of products I encounter with my friends, my family, my blog readers, and everyone else who will listen (yes, I’m very opinionated If you have a great product that you think me and my readers would be interested in, I’d be happy to shine a light on your product, or service! As part of my review, your product or service will be featured in a permanent post on my blog along with photographs, social media links, and a link back to your website. Stats:

Currently Viewership: 100,000+ “unique” visitors monthly.

Visitor Demographics (Focus): Female 18-35+

Visitor Demographics (Location): 68% USA, 25% CANADA, 7% Foreign.

Blog/Blogger Location: CANADA

I would be interested in reviewing the following product(s):

Pet Products (for cats): organic or all natural cat food (soft only), organic cat treats, pet toys, pet clothes.

Organic/Paleo Food & Beverage Products: organic or paleo friendly products only.

Organic Health Products: fitness products, fitness wear, homeopathic and natural health products, health appliances ..etc.

Organic Female Beauty Products: Makeup, Face Products, Hair Products, Body Products.

Any and all other products that you feel would really appeal to my readers (women between the ages of 18-35).

Please note that I will NOT post a negative review of your product. If I feel the product is not a good fit for me, or my readers, I will not post a review of your product. In the same manner, if I find your product was only marginal, or just acceptable, I will also NOT post a review on my website. However, if I feel that your product is exceptional, in that it is novel, or stands tall above other products that I have used in the past, I will certainly post my review of it. Upon a successful review, I will notify you of the review, and send you a link to where you can read it on

All products I review become the property of Kate, The Blog Diva to keep, they will not be returned. I also do not accept sample sizes for review. Full-sized products are required so that I can adequately test out your product.

I am not responsible for any shipping or duty costs. Any packages shipped COD, customs charges, import fees or any other postal fees will be refused and returned to sender. If you would like me to me review your product(s) please contact me here and we can discuss your product further.

I look forward to working with you and reviewing your product(s).

Warm Wishes,
Kate, The Blog Diva