Wreaths of Maine Review

Traditional Christmas Wreath


The provision of locally made, truly high quality balsam fir wreaths.


My Review: Just in time for the holidays, I received the most beautiful Christmas wreath from Wreaths of Maine for review. I have always wanted a “real” wreath on my front door, but every time I see one, they are never full enough or in good shape. When my wreath arrived from Wreaths of Maine, they had it packaged in a nice box with tissue paper, and the ribbon was placed nicely in the middle of the wreath so it would not wrinkle. As I got a full look at the wreath, my jaw hung open. It was absolutely gorgeous! This wreath was so full, and smelled just like “Christmas” to me. I just love the smell of Balsam fir, it always puts me in the holiday mood. I have received several compliments on my wreath from my neighbors, and they’ve also asked where I bought it. Now they know. 😉  – Every time I leave or enter my home, I smell the wreath, it is very aromatic.

The Traditional Christmas wreath is 23″ Diameter made of double faced Balsam fir, with Austrian and white pine cones, baby’s breath, crab apples  and a plaid bow. This  wreath is $46.00 and you can specify the date when you want your wreath to arrive to your home.

I’m so happy with Wreaths of Maine, and I will be happily telling everyone I know just where to get these gorgeous “real” wreaths. They are fantastic!


About Wreaths of Maine:

We have shipped fresh Maine balsam wreaths to all 50 states and many places beyond. Loyal customers from Alaska to Florida tell us we make the best Christmas wreaths they’ve ever seen. Our family has been involved in the wreath business since 1982, and we guarantee you won’t find a longer lasting more attractive wreath, swag or spray anywhere.

Most of our wreaths are sold by home-schooled children; an idea implemented by the founder from the experience of his home-schooled kids. There are other groups that take part as well including church groups, athletic clubs and private and public schools. Every fall they contact us to become part of the sales force earning a commission on each wreath sold. Wreaths of Maine has issued over $250,000.00 in commission checks to benefit the fundraising efforts of the children.

The wreaths are then delivered in decorative boxes using the fastest and most efficient delivery possible so wreaths arrive fresh at your door. They come with a personalized gift card and a hanger attached. They come straight from the box to the front door!


How are Products Chosen for Wreaths of Maine?

The wreaths are first started by collecting the branches from the fir trees. Depending on the length, they are called tips for the shorter ones and boughs for longer branches. Because the Balsam grow so close together, as the trees reach higher for more light, the bottom branches lack light and will eventually die. Before this process starts, these branches are harvested for the wreaths. The tips are brought to wreathmakers on poles and the tips are then used to make the wreaths. Each tip is placed into what is called a bouquet, which consists of three to four pieces. Some larger ones are trimmed to give each one a uniform shape. The bouquets are then wired onto a metal ring, which forms the basis for a wreath. They are wired on both sides alternating as the wreathmaker goes around the ring, placing an average of 32 bouquets into each wreath. At the end of the circle, the greens are tucked in and a loop is formed for the hanger. Some wreaths are made with a machine that aids in the wrapping, but each bouquet is still placed on the frame by hand. It is a very labor intense process, but a skilled wreathmaker can make 6-7 wreaths an hour.

I would like thank Wreaths of Maine for giving me the opportunity to review their Traditional Christmas Wreath

If you are interested in checking out Wreaths of Maine further, I have included a link below for you.

Traditional Christmas Wreath:

Wreaths of Maine Website: http://wreathsofmaine.com
Wreaths of Maine Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WreathsofMaine/
Wreaths of Maine Twitter: https://twitter.com/WreathsofMaine


Disclaimer: Wreaths of Maine provided me with free samples of their products to review, I was under no obligation to review them. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free products. The opinions expressed are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.