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Cinder the Pedigreed Vampyre Kitten Review


We are a small but dedicated group who are looking for suitable homes for our adorable yet deadly Un-Human babies.

My Findings: In the past I have reviewed two of Vamplet’s adorable stuffed animals, “Vamplet Lily Rose Shadowlyn” and “VamPET Hector Gloomvanian Bat.” and just fell in love with them. They are so unique and I can’t help but smile when I see them. So full of character!

When I saw Vamplet’s sweet “Cinder the Pedigreed Vampyre Kitten,” I knew right then and there I had to make room on my shelf next to Lily Rose, and Gloomvanian Bat for her. Those who know me know I love cats, and this little creature stole my heart and first look. I absolutely love everything about Cinder the Vampyre Kitten. I love the color of Cinder, and her big bright green eyes are soooo cute. Anyone who is  a lover of cats you need to consider adopting this little cutie, but be careful, your furbabies may become a little jealous of your deadly new Un-Human furbaby. *grin*

About Vamplets:

We encourage you to explore the World Of Gloomvania, the shop and all they have to offer. Just a word of caution: we suggest avoiding the department of Deportransmutation lest you are considering joining the ranks of the undead. Last warning: Do not be fooled! These sweet little babies are rotten to the core!

I would like thank Vamplets for giving me the opportunity to review Cinder the Pedigreed Vampyre Kitten!

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