Review: Tropical Traditions- Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil

Tropical Traditions – Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil Review


I’m a huge fan of coconut oil, it’s a regular staple in my diet. I eat a small spoonful of coconut oil almost every day because it tastes so good, and the health benefits I have personally found are very noticeable.  I use coconut oil in my baking, soups, and also for things like frying eggs, and other things because coconut oil stands up so well to heat. I also find that it works great as a face moisturizer and lip balm.

Tropical Traditions- Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil is certified Organic, with USDA certification, and is non-GMO, and originates from the Philippines. The Gold-Label Virgin Coconut Oil brand from Tropical Traditions is Hand-made, not machine-made (as some of their other lines are), with No chemical solvents used in processing.

My Findings: The virgin coconut oil tasted really good! I loved the texture and creaminess of it. I have tried numerous coconut oils and a lot them have a really bad chemical after taste.. yuck. Not so with Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil. It does have a little bit of the scent and taste of coconuts, and that might take a bit of getting used to for those unaccustomed. Other lines of coconut oil  might use deodorizers and other methods to remove the natural taste that gives it a more bland, neutral flavor. Personally, I’m all for as “unrefined” and “natural” as possible, which is exactly what this Coconut Oil delivers!

About Tropical Traditions:

Our family moved to the Philippines in 1998. We renovated Marianita’s old family farm house up on Mt. Banahaw, in a rural farming community. We learned much about the way Marianita’s parent’s generation approached health, using native herbs and fruits to deal with common illnesses. One thing that intrigued me was that the older generation was very active, often still farming, and yet their only dietary oil was coconut oil, often hand made the traditional way. This led me to investigate the whole issue of fats and oils. I soon discovered that coconut oil had a long tradition of being a healthy oil, and that it was wrongly accused of being bad in western countries simply because it was a saturated fat. Politics were the main reason coconut oil fell out of favor in western countries like the U.S. – not science. So we started making it ourselves using the traditional method her parent’s generation used. We put these products up on the Internet in 2000, thinking that the Philippine herbs would be our most popular product line. Before long, however, demand for our traditional method of making coconut oil by hand overwhelmed us. The coconut oil revolution had begun.

How are Products Chosen for Tropical Traditions?

We have a strong commitment to family farming and organic standards. We stand firmly against genetically modified foods (No GMOs). But the organic label is not enough for us. We research and find out where the products are produced, and how they are produced. We find that some organic standards too loose for our trust, so we look beyond what is claimed on a label. We find out as much as possible about those who provide the products. And if a certain quality of product does not exist, we will work with others to produce that product and offer it to our consumers. We did that with Virgin Coconut Oil in the Philippines, and we have done the same thing since coming back to live here in the US.


I would like thank Tropical Traditions for giving me the opportunity to review their Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil!

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