Review: Minima Organics Review

Minima Organics:  Lullaby Love Review


I had an opportunity review my moma’s love – Lullaby Love Soothing Massage Ointment from Minima Organics. If you are like me and do not like to use products that are toxic to your body, then you will love Minima Organics. Minima Organics is a home based business run by Leslie McCann, who makes all of the wonderful organic products of Minima Organics. Minima Organics products smell wonderful and use only the best ingredients. I also love that Minima Organics puts into their products ONLY what’s needed, and leaves all of the unnecessary preservatives, harsh chemicals, parabens, ..etc out.


Natural, Gentle, Effective Skin Care and Remedies For Everyone.

My Findings Of Minima Organics- Lullaby Love: Lullaby Love smells wonderful and has a wonderful scent of Lavender to it. Lavender is one of my favorite scents, it’s an amazing aromatherapy oil to put on your pillow at night. I used Lullaby Love love on my feet and my chest before bed and I could not help but love the smell of it.  I also love how my feet were nice and moisturized in the morning. Now, if you have nice sheets that are satin or good quality cotton, do not put this on before you jump into bed, or  you will stain your sheets from the coconut oil. I would suggest putting this on your chest so you can breath in the Lavender smell all night, or put it on your feet thirty minutes before bed so you do not soil your bed sheets. Ingredients in Lullaby Love are all Organic, consisting of virgin coconut oil; 100% pure, steam distilled, and organic essential oil of lavender.

About Minima Organics:

Minima Organics has found its niche in primarily producing skin remedies. My Mama’s Love is devoted to maintaining a gluten- and casein-free line, and a product line that is allergy friendly in general.

My Mama’s Love uses organic ingredients in every remedy, such as lavender, bees wax, olive oil, licorice, vegetable glycerin and other organic botanicals.

All our products are tested to be safe, non toxic and wholesome. We avoid known allergens to reduce the possibility of allergic reactions. They’re safe enough to eat.

How are Products Chosen for Minima Organics?

I have formulated all of my products myself. All products are made from scratch. I hand pick each ingredient after doing extensive research on the company and its practices. With the exception of our glycerin base, for our soap, I do not use any pre-formulated products nor do I purchase anything that has been private labeled for us. Everything is made in our gluten free facility, from raw ingredients. This way, I can be sure that the ingredient and allergy claims I make are true.

I would like thank Minima Organics for giving me the opportunity to review their Lullaby Love.

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Disclaimer: Minima Organics provided me with free sample of their product to review, I was under no obligation to review them. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free products. The opinions expressed are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.