Review: Maxim Hygiene Review

Maxim Hygiene: Super Organic Applicator Tampons,  Ultra Thin Winged Pads Overnight & Organic Cotton Swabs Review

I have always wanted to try organic feminine hygiene products, and when I came across Maxim Hygiene I immediately contacted them to try their products. I was sent three products to try out, Hygiene-Super Organic Tampons, Natural Ultra Thin Winged Pads Overnight, and Organic Cotton Swabs. I was really excited to try these out since I have a bad reaction to chlorine that developed from swimming for so many years in a chlorinated pool. Almost all feminine hygiene products on the store shelves today use chlorine bleached cotton, and it turns out after reviewing these products, THAT was why I was always experiencing HEAVY cramps and irritation. If you have chlorine sensitivities, or want to move to more “natural” products (that do not contain harsh chemical ingredients), you’ll want to keep on reading!

Don’t Let Your Period Cramp Your Style…Keep it Soft, Safe and Natural.


Maxim- Hygiene-Super Organic Applicator Tampons:

My Findings:  I really liked Maxim- Hygiene’s tampons for several reasons. Maxim tampons are not bleached, they contain no fragrances, and they use only organic Chlorine free cotton. The applicator is also biodegradable, so it’s gentle on the environment. I did not experience any discomfort or irritation while using these, unlike the non-organic tampons that I have used in the past. For me, the Maxim- Hygiene’s tampons worked fantastically! I will never go back to the chlorinated version.

Maxim- Natural Ultra Thin Winged Pads Overnight:

My Findings: These babies are also made from organic cotton. They were very light, so I hardly noticed that I was wearing a pad, a big plus! Some pads can be irritating and uncomfortable, but not these. I also did not feel itchy or experience a rash unlike with the non-organic pads I have used for years. The only downside about these pads were that they were a bit short. I wish they would have been a tad longer.

Maxim- Organic Cotton Swabs:

My Findings: These cotton swabs are every bit as good as the popular brand. They have lots of cotton at the tip, and you would not be able to distinguish a difference between the two. They are nice and soft, and will not leave your ear all itchy after you use them. They cotton swabs are made from organic (non-chlorinated) cotton and are biodegradable. A great product for those with sensitivities to chlorine like me!


About Maxim Hygiene:

Maxim was developed after twenty-five years of manufacturing and distribution experience in the feminine hygiene industry, held by company Founder, Kenneth Alvandi. His extensive work on every angle of the business, values for producing quality products, and having three very special women in his life (his wife and two daughters), led him to his vision of taking his years of experience ‘to the max’ by creating safer and more natural products for women.

Inspired by her father’s vision, Rebecca teamed up with Kenneth for Maxim’s official launch in 2008, and since then they’ve been working to change the face and feel of feminine hygiene with Maxim, a Soft, Safe and Natural alternative to conventional feminine hygiene products.

Are Maxim Hygiene Products Natural?

Maxim is a Softer, Safer and Natural Alternative to Standard Conventional Feminine Hygiene Products. Maxim products replace harsh chemical ingredients found in your every day products with the beneficial qualities of organic and natural cotton. In doing so, Maxim products address and resolve major health and environmental concerns associated with the use and production of conventional feminine hygiene and cotton products.

I would like thank Maxim Hygiene for giving me the opportunity to review their Hygiene-Super Organic Applicator Tampons, Natural Ultra Thin Winged Pads Overnight and Organic Cotton Swabs.

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Disclaimer: Maxim Hygiene provided me with free samples of their products to review, I was under no obligation to review them. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free products. The opinions expressed are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.