Review: KmS Mineral Essentials Cosmetics Review

KmS Mineral Essentials Cosmetics: Minnk Pigment, Latte Pigment, Cafe Au Lait Eye Color Shadows,  Radiance- All Over Face Color, and Soulmate Sparkling Lip Gloss Review

KmS Mineral Essentials Cosmetics offers a great selection of mineral based makeup for the girl who likes to use natural makeup without all the harsh chemicals that are in most of today’s cosmetics.  I was very excited to try the makeup that KmS Mineral Essentials Cosmetics sent me to try out, and my findings are below.

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KmS Mineral Essentials Cosmetics “Minnk Pigment, Latte Pigment and Cafe Au Lait Pigment”- Eye Color Shadows:

My Findings: All three eye shadows that I received looked amazing absolutely amazing on my eyes. These eye shadows are vibrant and have a hint of sparkle in them to give that sexy diva look to your eyes. I also liked that when I put the eye shadows on, none of the eye shadow fell into my eyes like some of the other mineral eye shadows I’ve tried in the past.

KmS Mineral Essentials Cosmetics “Radiance-All Over Face Color Powder”:

My Findings:  I’m so impressed with the Radiance- All Over Face Color powder! I loved the way this powder made my face look. It gave me a nice glow, and healthy look to my face. I also loved how my face actually felt silky smooth all over. This will be one of my now favorite makeup pieces in my makeup collection. I really think all women should have KmS Mineral Essentials Cosmetics All Over Face Color powder in their makeup collection. Give it a try, you will LOVE IT!

KmS Mineral Essentials Cosmetics “Soulmate- Lumi-shine Sparkling Lip Gloss“:

My Findings:  I love lip glosses, I use them all the time and I especially loved Soulmate- Lumi-shine Sparkling Lip Gloss. I liked how it looked on my lips. I also loved how my lips looked plumper and sparkly when I applied this lip gloss to them.

I wore KmS Mineral makeup to my cousin’s wedding and received lots of compliments on how natural my makeup looked. They also commented on how much they loved the color of the eye shadow I was wearing.


About KmS Mineral Essentials Cosmetics:

KmS was born in 2007, and was created to fill a void in the marketplace; making it possible for women of all ages with sensitive skin to be able to wear mineral makeup. The KmS cosmetic line is derived of pure natural mineral ingredients. Free of irritants, such as Bismuth Oxychloride, an ingredient found in the majority of mineral cosmetics today, our makeup is the perfect choice for those with sensitive skin, and skin conditions such as Acne and Rosacea. Our loose mineral powder ingredients are pure and simple: Zinc Oxide, which properties promote healing of the skin, Titanium Dioxide, which provides a natural SPF along with sweat proof properties, Mica, which provides a smooth application, Iron Oxide, which gives our cosmetics their color, and Kaolin Clay, which has excellent oil absorbing properties.

What is in KmS Mineral Essentials Cosmetics?

KmS Mineral Essentials Cosmetics are free of Bismuth, parabens, talc, fragrance oils, glutens, chemicals and preservatives. Irritant-free, our products are the perfect choice for all skin types, making it the best mineral makeup for Acne or Rosacea. Our makeup offers superior coverage, is incredibly long wearing, waterproof/sweat proof and protects your skin with natural SPF protection. It’s what makes KmS the best mineral makeup on the market today.

I would like thank KmS Mineral Essentials Cosmetics for giving me the opportunity to review their Minnk Pigment, Latte Pigment, Cafe Au Lait Eye Color Shadows, Radiance- All Over Face Color, and Soulmate- Lumi-shine Sparkling Lip Gloss.

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Disclaimer: KmS Mineral Essentials Cosmetics provided me with free samples of their products to review, I was under no obligation to review them. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free products. The opinions expressed are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.