Review: Glass Peace- Flower Pendant

Glass Peace: Flower Glass Focal Bead Pendant Review


I had the opportunity to review this beautiful glass flower pendant from a small little company called “Glass Peace.” Glass Peace has one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry, and that’s the kind of jewelry that I like! All of Glass Peace’s pendants are all made out of glass, and they will have all of your friends asking where you got your necklace from. When I received the pendent,  I could not believe how pretty it really was. The quality of the pendant is amazing and each pendant comes packaged in an elegant black gift box and is strung on a black, adjustable slip-knot cord, ready to wear. The cord will last you a long time unlike the rope necklaces where they dissolve after time. Glass Peace jewelry pieces make the perfect gift for the girl who has everything and can appreciate quality. =-)

Our Glass Flower pendants are realistic down to the last detail—from the elegant curves of delicate petals and perfectly placed leaves to the graceful pistils. They make a thoughtful gift for anyone who appreciates fine workmanship and would be a gorgeous focal point for a feminine piece of jewelry.

My Findings Of Glass Peace- Flower Glass Focal Bead Pendant: The beautiful Flower Glass Focal Bead pendant that I decided to review has a blue little flower in it with a hint of purple. I love the colors of the flower in my pendant, and the glass is very clear with no bubbles or scratches in the glass. This pendant is the perfect gift for your loved one and it can go with any Spring or Summer dress. I’m very happy with my pendant, and I will be wearing it with my Summer dresses and showing it off to all my family and friends. My mom saw my pendant and made a comment on how pretty is was.

About Glass Peace:

Glassblowing is an amazing experience—one that can be meditative. Working with glass and fire often leads us to reflect on the world today—how circumstances and misconceptions so often lead to conflict, and how open-mindedness and understanding can help achieve peace. Creating glass art is very similar to forging peace: both are labor-intensive but result in something beautiful, and both are delicate and easily broken—and therefore, must be treasured and protected. From this concept came the name “Glass Peace.”

Ours is primarily a lampworking studio, which means that most of our work is created by using a torch to manipulate a very durable, shock resistant glass called borosilicate (commonly known as Pyrex™).  Using different sized rods and tubes of clear and colored glass, we create our one-of-a-kind lampwork glass pendants, earrings, and beads, then place the pieces in a computerized kiln to anneal them, which removes any stresses in the glass, ensuring a beautiful and durable piece that you will enjoy for a lifetime.

How are your Glass Flower Pendants made?

Formed in the flame of a torch, these glass pendants are formed by first heating the end of a clear glass rod in the flame and flattening the end to create a disc. The flower design is drawn with small rods of colored glass called stringers, then heated and blended.  We then quickly spin the glass in the flame, being sure to hold it level and evenly.

As the flower design is heated, blended, and flattened, it is gradually pushed up into the clear glass, creating a 3-D flower pattern.  After adding a loop and checking the pendant for any imperfections, we place it in a kiln with a computerized controller where it will anneal, removing any stresses in the glass to ensure a strong, durable piece that you can hand down for generations.

I would like thank Glass Peace for giving me the opportunity to review their Glass Flower Pendant.

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Disclaimer: Glass Peace provided me with free sample of their product to review, I was under no obligation to review them. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free products. The opinions expressed are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.