Review: Ecover Lavender & Aloe Vera Hand Soap & Natural Laundry Liquid (Sunny Day) Review

Ecover – Lavender & Aloe Vera Hand Soap & Natural Laundry Liquid (Sunny Day) Review


I have been looking for some really good laundry liquid and hand soap for quite sometime now. I just recently had the opportunity to review Ecover’s Natural Laundry Liquid (Sunny Day) and their (Lavender & Aloe Vera) Hand Soap, so stick around and I’ll tell you all about what I found! ..Like many of you, I’m into using products that are as close to nature as possible. Both of these products use powerful plant-based and mineral ingredients, so I was extremely excited to have the opportunity to test them out. The results were, well… boil it down to a single word .. “AMAZING!”


“By harnessing the power of nature and applying a little clever science, we’ve implemented an innovative new PolyEthylene (PE) – a green plastic we call PlantPlastic that’s 100% renewable, reusable and recyclable – and made from sugarcane!”


My Findings – (Lavender & Aloe Vera) Hand Soap:  Firstly, I just loved the smell of Ecover’s liquid hand soap. I have tired many different types of liquid hand soaps, and scent wise most them are too overpowering, or hardly have any smell to them. This hand soap had JUST the right amount of Lavender smell to it! I can’t state it strongly enough, the smell is very pleasing!  The hand soap cleans as well as to be expected. My fiancé and I go through a lot of hand soap in our house, and we usually end up with really dry cracked hands with all of our hand washing. This hand soap really helped with that. I’m thinking the Aloe Vera in it made ALL the difference.

Note: You won’t need to use a lot of this soap when washing your hands. Just a small drop of Lavender & Aloe Vera Hand Soap lathers up nicely and will leave your hands clean, soft, and smelling great.


My Findings – (Sunny Day) Natural Laundry Liquid: This laundry liquid is natural (i.e. plant and mineral based), foams up right away and smells wonderful. You won’t need much of Ecover’s Natural Laundry Liquid to wash your clothes. I washed five big loads of clothes. All you need is a small cap-full of liquid for each load as opposed to the other leading laundry liquids where you need a huge cap full of their laundry liquid.

I also loved how my clothes smelled after I dried them. The smell is a nice and subtle and not over powering like other leading laundry liquids, a big plus for me. I used several other laundry liquids and I just found that the scent was too much for me and way too overpowering. Another thing I really liked about using Ecover’s Natural Laundry Liquid (Sunny Day) was that my skin was not in any way irritated from using the laundry liquid on my clothes. I have very sensitive skin and most laundry liquids I use end up irritating my skin to the point that I break out in a rash and start scratching my skin.

Both of these products have rightfully earned a spot in our household. I will be purchasing them regularly!


About Ecover:

It might sound idealistic.  Heck, it definitely does, but we’ve been at this for over thirty years now, and we still haven’t lost sight of our guiding principles.  We think they keep us young and focused:

Respect, Integrity and Commitment.

We know these qualities aren’t that unusual, or even exciting, for a person to strive towards.  But, for a business to zero in on these traits, and keep them top of mind in all their choices, be they manufacturing, formulation, or beyond makes for a special sort of work-place.

We’re not keeping it internal though.  Our Vision extends outward, to contribute to creating economical, ecological and social change within society, for the future of us all (we’ve got to dream big!)

What are Ecover’s products made from?

It’s one thing to use ingredients derived from plants, but if the harvesting of those plants uproots indigenous people, depletes our natural resources or causes its own onslaught of pollution, we’re worse off than when we started. To be sure we practice what we preach, we strive to use primarily plant-based and mineral raw materials from sustainable sources in our production process.

In addition, Ecover also uses minerals and mineral derivatives, such as carbonates, zeolites and silicates. These minerals or their components are found naturally in enormous quantities (for example, 75% of the earth’s outer crust consists of silicates). The brass tacks, you ask? There is no danger of depletion and permanent damage to ecosystems during the extraction of these materials.

I would like thank Ecover for giving me the opportunity to review their Lavender & Aloe Vera Hand Soap and Natural Laundry Liquid (Sunny Day)!

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Disclaimer: Ecover provided me with free samples of their products to review, I was under no obligation to review them nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free products. The opinions expressed are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.