Review: Cortex Solo450 Giraffe Flat Iron from Flat Iron Experts

Cortex Solo450 Giraffe Flat Iron Review

Are you looking for a new flat iron, a very stylish designer flat iron at that? Flat Iron Experts at have an absolutely HUGE selection of flat irons that come in just about every color and style you can imagine. Flat Iron Experts sent me their latest flat iron called the “Cortex Solo450 Giraffe Flat Iron.” Read on for my findings on the “Cortex Solo450 Giraffe Flat Iron” below.

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My Findings:
I have used several flat irons in the past. My very first iron was the Chi, and it was recommended to me after I walked into a few hair salons and asked them which was best. The Chi was a fantastic flat iron for the time. I used it a lot over the years. As good as the Chi was for it’s time, after trying out the Cortex Solo450 Giraffe Flat Iron, I quickly realized that clearly things in the flat iron market have evolved greatly. From the very first use I just fell in love with this iron. The results were nothing short of amazing, almost too good to be true. Firstly, the iron was not roasting my hair like my old Chi did, and secondly, it made my hair smooth, and shiny. I had to know why this iron was doing such a good job on my hair. It turns out that the temperature setting I used was just right for my hair. The Cortex Solo450 has temperature settings, so as I used the iron at 350C my hair did not smoke or feel hot to the touch at all. My old Chi has one setting, and I guess that setting was “Too Hot.” From what I learned afterwards, the Cortex Solo450 also has far-infrared technology that us used to deliver constant heat distribution over the plates, very cool! The Cortex Solo450 also has solid titanium plates. whereas the older flat irons like my Chi used ceramic plates. Who knows why, but the results were FAR better with the solid titanium plates! Shinny, smooth feeling hair. Who can argue with that? Two thumbs up for the “Cortex Solo450 Giraffe Flat Iron.”


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I would like thank Flat Iron Experts for giving me the opportunity to review their “Cortex Solo450 Giraffe Flat Iron”.

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Cortex Solo450 Giraffe Flat Iron

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