Pamper Me Organically Review

Pamper Me Organically: Soaps, Bath Melts, Floral Water Skin Tonic, Eye and Face Cream, Aromatherapy Oils, Lip Balm and Skin Nourishing Facial Serum Review.

I was so excited to have the opportunity to review Pamper Me Organically products. Pamper me Organically offers a wide selection of Organic skincare, soaps, aromatherapy oils, soy candles, organic lip balm, bath melts, and wellness oils. When Pamper Me Organically products arrived, I could not believe my eyes, everything came in a nice eco-friendly box and smelled just wonderful. I felt like a princess at a spa with what I was given to review. Stick around, and I’ll tell you all about them!

Organic bath & body products Your body deserves it!


My Findings Of Cypress & Cedar Wood – Call of the Wild Bath Melt: Call of the Wild Bath Melt reminded me of being in the outdoors and smelling all of the wonderful scents that the outdoors have to offer. Call of the Wild Bath Melt really foamed in my bath water and is even better than regular bath melts and does not have the added chemicals that the regular bath melts you buy in the store has. If you want a nice relaxing evening with your loved one Call of the Wild Bath Melt is the perfect scent for any “manly” man out there he will feel like he just came in from the great out doors.

My Findings Of Ylang Ylang & Grapefruit- California Dreaming Soap: California Dreaming Soap smells wonderful with the wonderful scents of Ylang Ylang & Grapefruit. I love the scent of grapefruit and it this soap has just the right amount of scent of grapefruit. I also love how the scent Ylang Ylang complemented the grapefruit so nicely. This soap also has Shea Butter and moisturizers your skin leaving it nice and soft after your bath or shower with you smelling wonderful.

My Findings Of Peppermint & Spearmint- Cool Waters Soap:
I love the smell of Peppermint & Spearmint together and Cool Waters Soap combined these two scents perfectly. Cool Waters Soap is a very refreshing soap that will awake your senses and have your smelling wonderful and your kitty will love the smell of you as well. I have to laugh, my one fur baby just loves the smell of Peppermint & Spearmint, and she could not get enough of smelling me.

My Findings Of Glacial Springs Soap:
Glacial Springs Soap smells sooo wonderful. I had to fight my fiancé for this soap he loved it so much, I ended up throwing the bath tub puff at him just so I could try it out. LOL… Ladies your husband will love Glacial Springs Soap and this soap would make the perfect Father’s Day or Birthday gift for him. Glacial Springs Soap ingredients: Peppermint & Eucalyptus and Glacial Springs Soap is enriched with moisturizing shea butter and a magical infusion of organic herbs and essential oils.

My Findings Of Chamomile Ginger- Facial Mud: I loved the Chamomile Ginger- Facial Mud. I used this one night while I was relaxing in my bath and I could really feel the mud working on my pours. I’m not really a fan of facial muds, but I am now. You will be surprised at how soft and clean your skin feels after you have used Chamomile Ginger- Facial Mud. Oh and the smell is wonderful as well you will be feeling like your at a local spa when really you are in your own bath tub at home.

My Findings Of Air Element- Aromatherapy Home Scent: I love aromatherapy oils and the Air Element oil from Pamper Me Organically smelled wonderful. My whole house smelled amazing and I did not find that the oil died down with smell. I know some oils I add to my diffuser stop working after about an hour, I found the Air Element oil held its smell. This oil has smells of Ylang Ylang, Sweet Orange, Bergamot, Magnolia and Neroli. You can really smell of Orange in this oil and it really picks up your energy.

My Findings Of The Pinery- Aromatherapy Home Scent:
The Pinery- Aromatherapy Home Scent reminds me of going for a walk in the forest in behind my house. This is a wonderful scent to use during the holiday season and smells amazing. The Pinery- Aromatherapy Home Scent has the scents of Fir Needle, Vetiver and Weeping Cypress. You only need a little of this oil in your diffuser as it has a pretty powerful smell and my be to overpowering for a small room.

My Findings Of Tunisian Neroli- Eye and Face Cream:
I use Tunisian Neroli- Eye and Face Cream every night on my face and I love it. Tunisian Neroli- Eye and Face Cream is a nice rich cream that smells heavenly. This face cream will coat your face nicely and it will leave your face soft and silky all night and you will also notice how soft your face will be in the morning as well. Tunisian Neroli- Eye and Face Cream ingredients: She butter,evening primrose oil, meadow foam,  grapeseed oil,  jojoba oil, virgin coconut oil, beeswax, vitamin e oil, essential oils of neroli, carrot seed, frankincense, vetiver & orange, rosemary extract.

My Findings Of Petitgrain- Floral Water Skin Tonic: Petitgrain- Floral Water Skin Tonic is an awesome way to refresh your skin. Sometimes my skin has a tendency to become dry and flaky I just spray on Petitgrain- Floral Water Skin Tonic and right away I notice that my skin has a nice glow to it. The only thing that I did not like about the Petitgrain- Floral Water Skin Tonic was the smell, I’m more of a Lavender girl. *smile*

My Findings Of Himalayan Lavender- Skin Nourishing Facial Serum: I love Skin Nourishing Facial Serum, I use it every second day on my face. My face feels so soft and it gives my face a nice soft red glow when I use it. I also have been finding that my skin feels tighter and is a lot more oily. I also love the scent of the Skin Nourishing Facial Serum. The ingredients in the Skin Nourishing Facial Serum are all Organic oils of sweet almond, camellia, sunflower, evening primrose, meadow foam, shea butter and pomegranate, essential oils of lavender, magnolia, orange, vetiver, frankincense and patchouli.

My Findings Of Natural- Organic Lip Balm:
Natural- Organic Lip Balm is amazing! I love this lip balm, I use it every day on my lips and I find that my lips are silky smooth. Natural- Organic Lip Balm also gives your lips a nice sheen to them.

About Pamper Me Organically:

Pamper Me Organically is a Canadian owned company that sells organic bath and beauty products.Our mission is to provide high quality organic products that are good for your health and well being, as well as the environment.

We offer an extensive collection of luxury organic soaps, bath and skin care products, and are always on the lookout for quality products that will fulfill your personal and gift giving needs.

What is in Pamper Me Organically?

There are no harmful chemicals, fragrances, colorants, preservatives, or animal ingredients in our products as we strive to be an environmentally conscious, organic, completely biodegradable company.

I would like thank Pamper Me Organically for giving me the opportunity to review their Call of the Wild Bath Melt, California Dreaming Soap, Cool Waters Soap, Glacial Springs Soap, Air Element- Aromatherapy Home Scent, The Pinery- Aromatherapy Home Scent, Eye and Face Cream, Floral Water Skin Tonic, Skin Nourishing Facial Serum, Natural: Organic Lip Balm, and Chamomile Ginger Facial Mud.

If you are interested in checking out Pamper Me Organically’s Call of the Wild Bath Melt, California Dreaming Soap, Cool Waters Soap, Glacial Springs Soap, Air Element- Aromatherapy Home Scent, The Pinery- Aromatherapy Home Scent, Eye and Face Cream, Floral Water Skin Tonic,  Skin Nourishing Facial Serum,  Natural: Organic Lip Balm, and Chamomile Ginger Facial Mud.further, I have included some links below for you.

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Disclaimer: Pamper Me Organically provided me with free samples of their products to review, I was under no obligation to review them. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free products. The opinions expressed are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.