Golden Earth Review

Golden Earth: Body Wash & Perfume Review

Golden Earth’s products are all natural and use only the best aromatherapy oils derived from nature. I love aromatherapy oils and love it when aromatherapy oils are combined into body washes and perfumes. Golden Earth sent me two of their roll on perfumes “Tranquility” and “Fresh” and they also sent me the matching scents in their body washes. All of Golden Earth’s ingredients are organic and are not harmful to the skin or body. Read on for more..

Aromatherapy body care from nature that is good for you!


Earth Perfume – Tranquility

My Findings: I really loved the smell of Golden Earth’s perfume called “Tranquility.” This perfume has two of my top favorite scents in it, sandalwood and cedarwood. You will love how this perfume smells on you, and how calm and relaxed you will feel when you wear it.

Earth Perfume – Fresh

My Findings: Golden Earth’s perfume “Fresh” smell exactly like the names says, Fresh! This perfume contains the oils neroli and passion fruit oil. This perfume will awaken your senses and have you feeling more awake. It smells wonderful when you wear it. I really like this perfume, I wear it when I have finished working out so I can smell nice and fresh.

Tranquility Body Wash

My Findings: Just like Golden Earth’s Tranquility perfume this body wash is every bit as amazing.  All the ingredients in this body wash are all natural. Golden Earth’s Tranquility body wash will leave your skin smelling like pure nature, and will leave your skin nice and soft. I use this body wash frequently, I just love it.

Fresh Body Wash

My Findings: Just like the other body wash Golden Earth’s Fresh body wash smells heavenly. I use this body wash in my morning shower and after I have had a good workout.

In addition to Golden Earth’s Body Washes, and Perfumes, they also offer Lotions, Massage Oils, and Charka Oils that help restore balance to the body.

About Golden Earth:

Golden Earth was created by Elizabeth Golden with the purpose of creating “wellness” for personal care products and the people on our planet. As a gift from the universe, she was shown a vision of what she was to create. She was able to manifest these products by calling on her expertise as an aromatherapist, student of various healing modalities and spirituality.

Each blend she creates has a special aspect of healing in mind and all blends are made with 100% pure organic and wildcrafted essential oils, infused with crystals that offer their own unique healing properties.

How are Products Chosen for Golden Earth?

At Golden Earth, we create organic aromatherapy lotions, chakra oils, perfumes, and body products that promote wellness for the body, mind and spirit. our natural products are made from the finest natural ingredients from around the world including pure therapeutic grade essential oils, which are aromatic plant extracts and crystal infusions. with each of our aromatherapy and body care products, we continually delight our customers with their own spiritual renewal, physical revitalization, and emotional rejuvenation.

I would like thank Golden Earth for giving me the opportunity to review their Perfumes from nature (Tranquility), Perfumes from nature (Fresh), Earth Body Wash (Tranquility) and  Earth-Body Wash (Fresh) .

If you are interested in checking out Golden Earth’s Perfumes from nature (Tranquility), Perfumes from nature (Fresh), Earth Body Wash (Tranquility) and  Earth-Body Wash (Fresh) further, I have included a links below for you.

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Disclaimer: Golden Earth provided me with free samples of their products to review, I was under no obligation to review them. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free products. The opinions expressed are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.