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My Findings Of Aronia Skin Care: I always love receiving skin products for review, so I was excited to receive Aronia’s entire line of skin care products. I was sent their Body Butter, Body Lotion, Lip Butter and Vanilla Bean Body Polish. All of Aronia’s products are organic and use only the best ingredients, such as the Aronia Berry.

I really enjoyed Aronia’s Body Butter and Vanilla Bean Body Polish. I keep the Body Butter in my purse and use it all the time at work. I love the smell, consistency, and thickness of the body butter.  It really coats the hands nicely and it’s not greasy. The Vanilla Bean Body Polish smells amazing and is excellent for getting rid of dry skin and keeping your skin in tip top condition Exfoliate your skin with it about once a week for best results. The lip butter is wonderful and leaves your lips nice and smooth, but I wish it would have been in a tube since I’m not a huge fan of using my finger to put on lip butter. The only product that I did not enjoy was the Body Lotion. I wish it would have been a little thicker and not dry out on the hands as quick when you apply it. The smell was really nice though. Overall these skin care products are great and I continue to use them all the time. I would like to thank Aronia for giving me the chance to review their skin care line. =)


About Aronia:

We are a natural, organic skin care company located in Pickering, Ontario, Canada. Our products are handcrafted and made with the finest ingredients, known for their key anti-aging benefits.

Aronia Berry has been in the forefront in the news as the new Super Fruit these past few years. I was introduced to this miracle fruit a couple of years ago by an old colleague of mine. After learning that it was an aggressive fighter against free radical damage, I purchased a bottle of the juice concentrate and planted my own Aronia shrub in my backyard.

As I was in the midst of developing my own skin care line, I realized that if the Aronia Berry is excellent for our inner health, it would be beneficial applied to the skin to help protect the skin against free radical damage also.

And this is where it all began.. the development of the first and only Aronia Berry skin care, manufactured in Canada!

Aronia Skin Care harnesses potent vitamin and antioxidant-rich botanicals that deliver profound benefits deeply into the skin.


How are Products Chosen for Aronia?

Aronia Berry is rich in Anthocyanins- A Powerhouse Antioxidant Compound that comes from the berry’s deep purple pigment. Aronia, which also is known as “Chokeberry”, is a deciduous shrub, part of the Rose family (Rosaceae). It is native to North America and it can be found growing wild in regions ranging from Nova Scotia to Florida and throughout the American Midwest. It has dark green foliage that turns red in the fall while white flowers appear in the spring, giving way to deep purple, almost black, berries. The plant was introduced to Russia in the late 1800s and subsequently cultivated throughout Central and Eastern European countries.


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Disclaimer: Aronia provided me with free samples of their products to review, I was under no obligation to review them. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free products. The opinions expressed are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.