Photos From My Cousin’s Wedding!

Last weekend I attended  my Cousin’s wedding, so I took some pictures to share with all of you. My cousin, and his now wife used the colors Lime Green and Beige for their color theme. Why anyone would use the colors Lime Green and Beige for wedding colors, I don’t know. For me I personally did not think that these two colors well together. Oh yeah, they also came up with the idea to incorporate green apples into everything. I guess they had a thing for green.

I had a great time at the wedding, I loved seeing family that I have not seen in years. I also loved the cupcakes they had. I’m also very happy for my Cousin and I hope he and his new wife have a very happy life together. Also the weather was absolutely amazing we had no rain just sunshine and blue sky.

Here are the pics:

This is the classic car that the Bride and Groom drove around town in when they finished getting married. Notice the lime green wedding decorations on the car. LOL… I think the car looks pretty cool. It really does bring a smile to your face.

This is the church that my cousin and his now wife were married in. This Church was built in 1892 and only seated ninety people. Some of the guests were standing in the back of the Church as there was no more room to sit. I really loved the old feeling of this Church. I was imaging all of the people of yester-year sitting there with their families, all dressed up in their Sunday best.

The only wedding decorations that the Church had were the plants… (weeds?)  in the picture. I wish they would have added a few more decorations to the Church, it would have really given this Church a romantic feeling. The Church is a historical site, so not much is allowed to be added.

Here is a picture of the reception area. Notice the lime green theme and apples every where. I love the Jones Soda bottles that they had done. They took one of their engagement pictures and had Jones Soda place it on one of their bottles. My Cousin also had jars of Jelly Belly’s on the table for everyone and I thought that was a nice touch. They also had a questionnaire of  “how well do you know the bride and groom” and a another questionnaire where you could give your thoughts on questions such as .. what do you think the bride and groom will drive,  what will their children look like, ..etc. The reception area had big beautiful windows that let so much light into the room, I just loved that.

Here is the picture of the wedding cake. I’m not sure about those ugly green berries on the cake. YUCK!! Sorry gotta be honest here with the cake. Everyone knows that the cake is the major attraction at a wedding. ..I do like the little colored decorations that the cake maker added to the cake and the stand looks very pretty.

Last but not least here is a picture of the cupcakes and wedding cake together. I love the cake stand with all of the greenery around it. There is also flowers mixed with the greenery, but you can’t really see it.

The cupcakes were to die for, I like the white cake cupcakes the best. That’s not like me, since I LOVE chocolate.

Overall the wedding was very nice and I’m so happy for my Cousin and his new wife. They are now off to Hawaii for their honeymoon for seven days of fun in the sun and fun in the hotel room as well. *wink*. I hope you all enjoyed my photos from my Cousin’s wedding.