My Trip To Gellatly Nut Farm!

Close to where I live there is a Nut Farm where you can pick, or purchase a variety of nuts. This particular nut farm (Gellatly Nut Farm) has been around since 1900, and some of the nuts were originally brought over from Europe. The owner of the nut farm crossed some of the nut species that he brought over with him (from Europe) with native growing nuts from Canada making many new nut varieties.

My fiance and I thought it would be an awesome idea to check out our local Fall Harvest Festival, and then later check out the Nut Farm just next to it. We had no idea that at that time they were letting people pick nuts. ..We didn’t even know what a nut tree was for that matter! LOL

I took some pictures of the nuts we picked.

This place is so beautiful and peaceful, that I’m going back to take some pictures when the leaves have fully changed.

These are all of the Hazelnuts (Big Red Filhazel’s) that we picked right off the tree. It takes 2-3 weeks to dry the hazelnuts and then you can crack them open and eat them. I love hazel nuts, especially around the holidays.

You can see that the hazelnuts grow on a small tree that looks like a tree from you backyard. When you harvest the nuts, it’s easiest if you just go under the tree and shake it like a monkey, then they just drop down to the ground. ..These hazelnuts were originally brought over from Europe and crossed with a Hazel Nut from Peace River, British Columbia.

As you can see from this picture the hazelnuts grow inside a husk, and you can shell the husk to get to the nut.

Here is a closer look at the hazel nuts.