I Saved A Mamma Hen and Her Ducklings!

The other day (on my way to college) I saw a mother hen and her nine little ducklings making their way towards the busiest highway in my town, -Oh my! I immediately sprang into action and started to try and divert them away from the highway. It wasn’t long before others joined in the quest, and we all went to work trying everything we could to try and catch mamma and her youngsters so we could move them to the nearby stream. I took lots of pictures of the duckling drama.

We finally did finally manage to get mamma hen and her ducklings over to a near by vet and they were able to catch her and relocate them to the stream. It took me and five strangers (and the police) from 8:45am-11:00am to help mamma and her ducklings.

The most amazing part was having the little ducklings in my hands. They were soooo cute, and they really didn’t mind being handled to be put into a box.

I’m really happy that this story ended with a very happy ending!

Here is mamma and her babies walking towards the busy highway. Aren’t these little babies just soooo precious!

Here is a close up of the ducklings that I got. They were jumping up on the curb to get to mamma.

We put the little ducklings in a box in hopes that we could get mamma into the box and transport them all to the near by stream. I got to handle the little guys when I put them in the box and they are sooo soft and cute. =-)

Mamma was so close to going into the box, but we could not get her to go in no matter what. =-( I however, really love this pic. Very cool! =-)

The police stopped to help us in the rescue. We stopped traffic at the local Tim Horton’s in hopes that maybe if we put the babies in the police car mamma would fly into the back of the car and we could move them to a safe location, but that did not happen.

One of the police officers made a ramp in hopes that maybe mamma would go up the ramp to her babies, I thought this was so nice of the officers. There are still some nice police officers out there.

I will never forget this day, and the whole ordeal even ended up making my local newspaper. The media came down and took pictures and interviewed me. I was also reading some of the comments on the newspaper’s website. Some people called me a “hero” but I just did what most people would do. I feel grateful that I could help. It really made my day!