A Walk Through Hardy Falls!

Hardy Falls (near Peachland B.C.) is one of my favorite places to visit. We get people from all around the world visiting Hardy Falls to see the Kokanee spawn at this time of year. It’s a beautiful place, the scenery is amazing and waterfall is spectacular. I thought I’d take some pictures for all of you. Enjoy.

The park is named after this beautiful waterfall.

Here is another beautiful picture of Hardy Falls from a distance.

Hardy Falls park is just as beautiful in the Fall with all of the colorful leaves. I hope to take more pictures then.

I just love this picture. =-)

Everywhere I turned there were animals all around me. =-)

Here is a picture of Kokanee (a type of Salmon) spawning, and making their way to the place where they were born and to lay their eggs.

I was so excited to see a black bear while I was at Hardy Falls. The forest ranger told us that there were three black bears in the park that day (down from the mountains) looking to feast on this fish. He said that there were two females, and one GREAT BIG male black bear. I got this awesome picture of one of the smaller females making her way up the creek. I had to keep my distance, ..thank god for the zoom lens I had!

I hope you all enjoyed looking at my photos from Hardy Falls!