Ginny Bakes Product Review

Coconut Oatmeal Bliss
Lovely Brownie Bliss
Chocolate Chip Love

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Bliss
Double Chocolate Happiness
Chocolate Chip Macadamia Love


Nutrition, Health and Happiness- Healthy Baked Good

My Findings: Ginny Bakes sent me their gluten free products for review. I was happy to review the ginny bakes products because finding gluten free products that taste delicious can be hit and miss. After some days and nights in the kitchen baking up these tasties, I have to say that Ginny Bakes baking mixes really out did themselves. Every one of their cookie and brownie mixes were all very tasty, and of the six  I reviewed, I liked Lovely Brownie Bliss, Chocolate Chip Love, and Chocolate Chip Macadamia Love, the best. Yeah, I’m a chocoholic.  ..I also found that ginny bakes baking ...

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Cats VS Ssscat – Compilation Youtube Video!

Do you love funny cat videos? Well, I just LOVE a good funny cat video compilation as much as the rest of you, and this one is sooooooo funny!! It’s a compilation of cats getting OWNED by air canisters. I could not resist myself watching the surprise on these cats as they get a very unexpected blast by an air canister for being where they shouldn’t be. Sit back and get ready to laugh so hard that you just might pee your pants!

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Healthy Shopper Spring Picks Product Review

Earth Balance P.B. Popps
Earth Balance Coconut Peanut Butter


The #1 coupon book for natural and organic products in Canada.

My Findings: Once again the Healthy Shopper has come out with their awesome picks for the Spring 2015, (although a very short list indeed). I was sent two products to review “Earth Balance P.B Popps and Earth Balance Coconut Peanut Butter.”

What? Peanut Butter coated Popcorn??  .. Well, Earth Balances P.B Popps are like nothing I have ever tried, so I was very skeptical. This product is popcorn covered in peanut butter, and I just couldn’t get my head around that.  ..Now, I know what you are thinking, popcorn and peanut butter, NO WAY would that taste good. Well, I took one for the team, and OH-MY-GOSH!!!  THEY ARE FANTASTIC!! I was absolutely hooked...

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Product Review of Natural Vitality

Natural Calm (8oz)
Natural Calm Plus Calcium (8oz)
Natural Calm Packets

Natural Vitality

Nurture Your Inner Nature

My Findings of Natural Vitality: This is an amazing health supplement that I truly believe everyone should have in their house.

I have unknowingly suffered from having low Magnesium levels since I was a child. Later on in life, as I tried more and more things to correct the imbalance, I found that supplementing with magnesium would give me a more correct balance, and stop my muscles from cramping up on me. I was also very constipated, and it also helped me “go.” 😉 ..I have tried many supplements over the years, but I always felt like I was never getting enough, or the correct balance. it was as if my body was having difficulty absorbing magnesium properly.

One day as I was shopping at m...

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Vapour Organic Beauty Product Review

Mesmerize Eye Shimmer (Sugar)
Mesmerize Eyeliner (Ink)
Vapour Multi Use Blush (Courtesan)
Elixir Plumping Lip Gloss (Beguile)
Illusionist Concealer


Luxury, Performance and Purity

My Findings: I only use organic makeup on my skin. Of the Vapour Organic Beauty products that I was sent to try, I really liked their Mesmerize Eye Shimmer (Sugar), Mesmerize Eyeliner (Ink), and Elixir Plumping Lip Gloss (Beguile). I love the sparkle of the Mesmerize Eye Shimmer (Sugar) and how it added just the right amount of color. The Mesmerize Eyeliner (Ink) goes on nice and smooth and has a foam smudger on the end of the pencil to blend your eyeliner nicely. Elixir Plumping Lip Gloss (Beguile) colored my lips nicely and gave my lips a nice sexy “glossy” look to them.

All of Vapour Organic Beauty Products...

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Prairie Naturals Product Review

LeanWhey Protein Powder-Chocolate Supreme
LeanWhey Protein Powder-Strawberry Raspberry Cream
LeanWhey Protein Powder-French Vanilla Cream
Organic & Fair Trade Powder-Wheat Grass
Organic & Fair Trade Powder-Barley Grass
Organic Flax Seeds


Live The Healthy Lifestyle

My Findings of LeanWhey Protein Powders: In the past I have tried several protein shakes and they all have for the most part lacked taste, or were full of sugars with unneeded calories. Prairie Naturals LeanWhey Protein Powders are super tasty with lots of flavor, and they are also sweetened with Stevia making them much lower in calories. I have a protein shake every morning with my breakfast and it keeps my full feeling until lunchtime...

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