Vienna’s First Cat Cafe

After three long years Vienna, Austria, has their very first Cat Café named “Cafe Neko.”. Unfortunately you will need to fly to Vienna if you want to visit with “Cafe Neko’s” five fur babies and enjoy a nice cup coffee.

I’m wondering if a Cat Café would take off where I live? I know I would love it if someone started one where I live. That’s one Cat Cafe I’d be visiting almost daily. I’m really happy that someone finally opened a Cat Café. It seems that only the dog lovers get all the attention, and us cat lovers are always left out, not anymore.

Customers at the “Cat Neko” can pet the five felines who live there named  Sonja, Thomas, Moritz, Luca and Momo. They all came from a local animal shelter and now freely roam about the cafe visiting with customers and taking the occasional cat nap.

Owner Takako Ishimitsu holds fur baby Moritz in Vienna’s first cat cafe that opened May 7, 2012. (Picture From REUTERS/Leonhard Foeger)

A picture of the front window of “Cake Neko” (Picture From REUTERS/Leonhard Foeger)

A picture of the inside of “Café Neko” while customers mingle with “Café Neko’s” fur babies Thomas and Sonja. (Picture From REUTERS/Leonhard Foeger)

3 comments to Vienna’s First Cat Cafe

  • CJ  says:

    Found you on the blog hop, your posts are so funny! I especially like the How to trick people into thinking you’re pretty video, hadn’t seen it before. 😀 Stop by and follow back when you can!

  • ToDoListMom  says:

    Stopping by from Fun Fri Blog Hop. Stop by and say hi:
    I would definitely stop by this Cafe. Cool idea – hopefully the litter boxes are WAY in the back though..stinky! lol

  • ashley brooke  says:

    haha what a funny idea! New follower- can’t wait to catch up on your posts 🙂

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