Dentist Pulls Out All Of Her Ex-Boyfriends Teeth After Split!

Breaking up is never easy. It’s even more painful when your ex-girlfriend rips 32 of your teeth out!!


OMG.. when I read this article of a scorned dentist who removed all of her ex-boyfriends teeth, my jaw hit the desk. This chick must have rocks in her head to go as far as to remove her ex-boyfriends teeth. The other question that comes to mind is …WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU BE HAVING A DENTAL PROCEDURE BY YOUR EX-GF!?!?!?!

This all started when Marek Olszewski had a major tooth ache and made an appointment with his ex-girlfriend Anna Mackowiak to have his sore tooth looked at. Marek Olszewski could never have imagined that his ex=girlfriend Anna Mackowiak would remove all of his teeth. According to Marek Olszewski¬† “I didn’t have any reason to doubt her — I mean I thought she was a professional.” Really dude? You just broke up with her, and you think she might be slightly pissed off about it?

This is what Anna Machowiak had to say while she was looking at her ex’s sore tooth “I tried to be professional and detach myself from my emotions,” she told the news site. “But when I saw him lying there I just thought, ‘What a b—–d.'”¬† Are you flipping kidding me? You tried to detach yourself. *Eye Roll* Why didn’t you just tell him to go and see a different dentist, or let some other dentist in your office look at him you moron!

This is just plain sick. If you are angry at your ex then fine, let me know, but don’t go and do something so sinister as to remove his teeth! If this was me, and my ex ripped my teeth out, he would need to fly to mars because I would hunt the bastard down.

Anna Mackowiak is facing jail time and will be charged for removing her ex-boyfriends teeth.