Deadley chemical “Azodicarbonamide” found in Subway bread!

I’m not sure if any of you have heard the news in regards to Subway using the deadly chemical “Azodicarbonamide”? I’m really shcoked to learn that this chemical is in yoga mats, shoe rubber and synthetic leather. This great blogger at has a petition on her website here that is collecting signatures to have Subway pull this chemical “Azodicarbonamide” out of all their Subway bread. What is it doing in there anyways??? Oh, yeah, right, “to preserve the bread’s shelf life.” -Not a good reason. Check out Food Babe’s website, and please sign the petition to have Subway remove this chemical from their breads.

Also on another note “Azodicarbonamide” is in all breads that are NOT Organic in North America. We need to get this deadly chemical out of our foods now, so let’s start with Subway, the largest fast food chain in the World.

What is Azodicarbonamide?