Black Tap New York Milkshakes

sweetnsaltyMilkshake Sweet & Salty
Image via @blacktapnyc Instagram

Who doesn’t like milkshakes of any flavor? I love chocolate milkshakes and especially on a hot Summers day. Check out this New York eatery called Black Tap. At Black Tap they design some crazy ass milkshakes. Some of which are the “Birthday Cake Milkshake,” the “Cookie Milkshake,” and “Cotton Candy Milkshake” that go for $15.00. My first impression, was “wow, cool!!” but that was just the inner child in me speaking. After that first thought I could only think about how sore my stomach would feel after having one of these bad boys. I guess I would cheat one day and share one with my husband. If I did, I’d do my best to convince him that the “SWEET N’ SALTY” should be our choice. I could only imagine how delicious one of these would taste and how goooood this milkshake would quench my sweet tooth for the year. They even have holiday and special milkshakes like “Merry Christmas” that has Oreo’s and candy canes in it, or the “Pink” milkshake for breast cancer month.

cook milkshakeCookie Milkshake
Image via @blacktapnyc Instagram

Here is their Instagram page where you can view more of their amazing looking milkshakes:

Black Tap Website:

So would you pay $15.00 for one of these special milkshakes from Black Tap?

smoresSmore Milkshake
Image via @blacktapnyc Instagram