Winter time at the Zoo

I decided one afternoon to visit my local Zoo and check out all the winter animals that they have there at this time of the year. I’m so happy I did. I got to see a Snow Leopard, Siberian Tiger, Arctic Fox, and a Red Panda just to name a few. Here are some pictures that I took of some of the animals that I saw there.

This little guy is soooo cute, he’s an Arctic Fox.

What a big boy this beautiful Siberian Tiger is.

This guy is a Snowy Owl and is so pretty.

Here is a nice picture of a Red Fox. “What does the fox say?” LOL.. Not much as it turns out..

What a treat it was to see a Snow Leopard. I was so in awe looking at this gorgeous animal and it’s power.

This cute guy is a Red Panda from China. They are so playful!!