Dollar Store Cat Tent Adventures

I was at my local dollar store the other day and came across the most adorable pet tent. Being the AWESOME mom that I am, I decided to buy the pet tent for my fur baby. I knew that she would just LOVE this pet tent because she’s one to get into any box or cubby-hole that she can.

Boy was I WRONG!!!  I opened the package, and unfolded the tent, and much to my dismay the darn tent was a “miniature” tent. What in the World were the designers thinking when they created this pet tent? It may be Chinese made, but sheesh, even Chinese cat aren’t that small!! LOL

I should have known better then to buy anything that is pet related at a dollar store. LOL..  On the bright side this tent will fit my Mom’s four pound toy Chihuahua just right because that is the only sized animal that will fit in this pet tent.

I just had to take some pictures and show you what my fur baby thought of the pet tent. Be prepared to laugh your ass off, I know I did.

hmmm… this looks cozy, lets see if I can get the rest of my body in here.

Alright, ..just a little more.. I just need to get the rest of my body in this extra small tent. Wiggle to the left, Wiggle to the right.. I think I got this.

After much wiggling and pushing I manged to get my whole body in here, but it’s sooo darned cramped. Thanks Mom, I have no room to move in here. Who made this darn tent anyway??