Kate’s Holiday Decorations!

Here are my indoor and outdoor holiday decorations for Xmas and Yule. Since my fiance and I live in a small place, we just put up two small trees. One is black and the other pink. =-)

These are some of my Yule decorations that I love to put up every year. I love to add a few more “nature-esk” decorations to to my collection every year.

This my black Yule tree. I looked high and low for a black tree year after year, and I finally found one last year -yipppeee! =-)

Of course every diva needs a pink Xmas tree. I just L-O-V-E my pink Xmas tree! ..I have all girlie decorations on it, and my pink tree even has pink lights on it. =-)

My cute outdoor snowman that lights up and greets everyone!

I picked up this light up Rudolph at a local yard sale this summer, I just love his RED nose. =-)

Here is what my front door looks like, I love the combination of white and blue. =-)