How To Make Homemade Vitamin C From Lemons!

Make your own homemade Vitamin C at home, it’s far better than any of the store bought Vitamin C on the shelves!

So, everyone knows that oranges, lemons and many other fruits are loaded with Vitamin C, but did you know that you can make your own homemade Vitamin C supplements from your used lemons and oranges? I recently came across a website that had a fabulous article on how to make your own Vitamin C from lemons. I though this was a fantastic idea since I love making homemade remedies and I just happened to have a whole bunch of lemons for a lemon pie I planned to bake. The main reason why you’d want to do this, is that you don’t always have lemons, or oranges on hand, but if you dehydrate the peals, you can make a jar of your own Vitamin C supplements for daily use.

Homemade Vitamin C has all the live enzymes that allow the vitamin C to be 100% assimilated into your body. It has its own natural source of rutin, hesperidin, and bioflavonoids that your body needs. It’s easily acquired, easy to make, and even tastes good, too. It’s just orange or lemon peels that you can buy at your local grocery store. I always buy and use “organic” lemons and oranges.

Here is what you do to make your own Vitamin C that is even better than the Vitamins in the store, which are mostly made of GMO corn (yuck).

Once you are done squeezing out, or pealing the pulp from your lemons or oranges, you simply take the peels and cut them into strips. After you’ve cut them all up into strips, just place them on your dehydrator over night and in the morning you will have nice crispy Vitamin C supplements. If you like your lemon peals (or orange peals) to have a sweet flavor to them (like I do), just sprinkle a little bit of Stevia over the lemons before dehydrating them, and they will taste just like candy! You can now store your dried lemon peels in a container for up to one year and you will have all the Vitamin C you need. Now, if you do not own a dehydrator, you can still dry your lemon peels, you just need to do the exact same thing as above, but leave your lemon to dry on a plate until they are nice and crispy. Your lemon peals will only stay good for about week or so if you use this method.

Here is what your lemons peels will look like when you lay them out on your dehydrator tray. Make sure you leave enough space between or peels so they dry evenly, and not stick together.

Here is a picture of the finished product after having your lemons dry overnight. I experimented with dehydrating some of the pulp too, but I found that I enjoyed the peals much better.

These babies are soooo TASTY and GOOD for you. -Enjoy!