Foods You Should NEVER Eat – Avoid These At All Costs!

(Picture From Flickr: infilmity)

I recently came across an article that listed some of the worst foods you should never eat, and it got me thinking that maybe I should do a post about this on my blog.  I have the list of  foods that you should NEVER eat below.

These are my own opinions that I formed by reading a lot of studies for myself.

1) Microwave Popcorn: Never eat this stuff people no matter how temping it is. The health effects that microwave popcorn is causing is out of this world. Did you know that the lining of the bag contains a chemical called “perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA)” that is very deadly and can cause Cancer and other damaging health effects. This chemical is so bad that the factory workers who are making this stuff are coming down with lung cancer and they are finding that their lungs are turning white and disintegrating.

Your best choice for popcorn is just stick to good old fashion air popped popcorn and try to also eat Organic popcorn as well so you are not eating the GMO (Generically Modified) popcorn.

2) Corn-Fed Beef: Today’s cattle are feed an all corn and soybeans, and not grains. The majority of farmers today feed their animals corn and soybeans, which fatten up the animals faster for slaughter and by fating the cow up faster this means a lot less nutrition for the consumer.  Another problem that is also occurring is that feeding the cow corn is that you are actually making the cattle sick, and this is requiring that farmers give the cows very high levels of antibiotics. If the cow is being given antibiotics this is not good for us the consumers because we are ingesting all the antibiotics give to the cows, what is this doing to our bodies when we then eat the cows?

The best thing you can do is looking for organic non-antibiotic given beef that is grass-fed. Try to also look for local farmers or butchers that sell grass-fed beef.

3) Conventional Apples: Today’s apples are sprayed with deadly pesticides that have cancer causing agents and are also being linked to Parkinson’s and other diseases.  Conventional apples are also listed on the dirty dozen fruits that should not be eaten and avoided.

The best thing you can do is look for organic apples you can find them at your local market and even at your local farmers market. I always buy organic apples and besides, they taste way better!

3) Conventional Potatoes:  Potatoes are a root vegetables and they absorb herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides that are  in our soil. In the case of potatoes–the nation’s most popular vegetable–they’re treated with fungicides during the growing season, then sprayed with herbicides to kill off the fibrous vines before harvesting. After they’re dug up, the potatoes are treated yet again to prevent them from sprouting. Potatoes are also being Genetically Modified and that is a bit no no when it comes to eating.  You want to avoid eating the conventional potatoes at all costs because down the road you will pay the price.

The best thing you can do is look for organic potatoes. You can find them at your local market, and at your local farmer’s market. I always buy organic potatoes and if you have a hard time trying to find organic potatoes, try growing your own in your garden.

4) Non-organic Corn:  Ok, if there is one vegetable to avoid no matter what, “CORN” is one of them. Please whatever you do, if you learn one thing from this post, stop buying CORN unless it is Organic.  Corn is the major ingredient in the Western diet. Most corn grown in the USA now is genetically modified, and grown with very powerful herbicides and pesticides. Today’s mass-produced corn barely resembles the plant from which it came from. Corn is nutritionally bankrupt, genetically modified, tasteless, and chock full of pesticides.

The best thing you can do is buy Organic CORN and you can find it at your local market and even at your local farmers market. I always buy organic corn and I always look for tortilla chips that say organic corn used and NON-GMO free.