Fur Baby Friday!


This weeks “Fur Baby Friday” is of adorable Priscilla wearing her cute fuzzy pajamas that mommy bought her for Valentine’s Day.

By the look of Priscilla’s face, you can guess that she just “loves” wearing her fuzzy jammies – NOT!  I’m guessing she can’t wait to get them off, and go scratch mom’s shoes for subjecting her to this humiliation. *LOL*

Happy Fur Baby Friday Everyone!

I am linking up with the lovely Mrs. Monologues for Fur Baby Friday!

5 comments to Fur Baby Friday!

  • Cortney  says:

    Hahaha! Greatest thing I’ve seen all day!

  • Mrs. Monologues  says:

    Love her in her pjs. Frank would never let me get near him.

  • Ashley from Life Begins @ 23  says:

    Stopping by from Fur Baby Friday – pretty sure my cats would kill me if I tried to dress them. The pjs are soooo cute though!

  • tess  says:

    So cute! My cat would not do that lol
    New follower from blog hop. Hope to get a follow back and a new friend too!

  • Brenda  says:

    Absolutely adorable!

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