Fur Baby Friday


This “Fur Baby Friday” features my oldest fur baby named “Blacks.” Blacks makes me laugh with her sassy attitude. I sometimes think she was royalty in her past life. LOL… Blacks also let’s me know when I am cooking beef or chicken, that I must stop what I’m doing, and give her a sample as if to say “Got Beef or Chicken Mom?” I also like to call Blacks my Witchy Kitty. *smile*

Blacks just turned sixteen in March and has been a wonderful cat. So far, she has not had any health issues (knock on wood).

I hope everyone enjoys my photos of Blacks that I have posted on this Fur Baby Friday!



I am linking up with the lovely Mrs. Monologues for Fur Baby Friday!

One comment to Fur Baby Friday

  • becky mercado  says:

    My goodness Blacks…you are gorgeous… you truly are a diva…look home many luxurious beds you have and I love that doll. I hope you can come over and visit us on Monday for my first Pet Photo Party…and cats are definitely welcome. It’s once a month…last Monday of the month. There will be a gift for one linker each time and this time is your choice of a cozy Pet Blanket. Please come and see us ….reinventingtheordinary.com…Remember it’s almost Monday…Hope to see you Blacks.

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