Studio Jellyfish Hand Painted Cat High Heels.

I think I have died and gone to heaven! I absolutely love these awesome hand painted cat high heels. As good as they look though, the price tag is pretty steep. Please sit down before I reveal the price to you, as I just about fell out of my chair upon further inspection. I know they are hand crafted and all, but these babies will set you back $429.00!! Yes, you read that right, $429.00 US dollars. Maybe if I win the lottery I can buy myself a pair of these high heels, and strut around in them. Until then I’ll just have to just waiting… LOL..


Studio Jellyfish just adopted a new kitten! She is a black cat with bright green eyes and is always snuggling up next to our feet! She loves to be around people and her bright pink nose can be seen from across the room! She is a born shoe lover just like us! We LOVE our new kitten!



Feeling a little SASSY (and rich)? How about these babies? Only $928.00!! 😉


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