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This Weeks Yard Sale Finds!

At the yard sales this week I did not buy too many goodies. I did however come across these two adorable Xmas reindeer stuffed animals that I could not resist buying. I only paid $0.50 cents for the both of them, a great deal!  I also bought some aromatherapy diffuser oils (full bottles) for $0.25 cents each. I bought an Exotic scented oil and a Papaya scented oil that smells wonderful.

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This Weeks Yard Sale Finds!

This week I went to sooooo many community yard sales, there was a yard sale everywhere I turned! -Whooohoo!!  ..This week I got a bit of a sun burn, but it was well worth it, I found some great stuff! Let me tell you about some of my yard sale finds this week.

So, first up I found this awesome handmade metal ornament by Karen Rossi. I have a few others to her collection. I love her metal handmade ornaments, they are so unique. It retails for about $50-$60, I only paid $1.00 for this ornament. It’s called “Celebrate.” If you like Karen Rossi’s ornaments you can check out her website here

Love Birds! ..I couldn’t resist buying these cute adorable love birds. I only paid $0.25 cents for them. Aren’t they adorable?

While I was walking from Yard Sale to Yard ...

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This Week’s Yard Sale Finds!

This weekend I found some dynamite stuff at the local yard sales!

I found a really cute hand made wooden light up Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Christmas decoration. They were asking $10.00 for him, I got it for $8.00. Mr Rudolph is going to look sooooo good between my light up Christmas Trees this year!



..Ok, so it was late in the day and many yard sales were already packing up. I was at the last yard sale for the day, digging through some bagged up stuff, and wile digging I saw some hot lavender purple down near the bottom of the bag. I dug down more and pulled out this gorgeous handbag. I immediately noticed it was a Kathy Van Zeeland handbag! What a find.


I played it cool, and asked the lady what she wanted for it, and to my surprise the lady said “its ...

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Today’s Yard Sale Find!

Every Saturday morning I wake early, pour some fresh coffee int my favorite pink mug, and head out with my mom to hunt down the deals at neighborhood yard sales.


Today I found these cute high heels. The asking price was $5.00, but I bargained them down to $3.00. I’m such a bargain girl when it comes to yard sales. No matter what the price, I’m always try to get a better deal. 😉


These shoes are going to look awesome with my summer dresses and shorts.

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