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Spring has Sprung!!

Happy Spring Everyone!!

Photo From Heather A Stillufsen:

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Hello February!!


Photo From Heather A Stillufsen:

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Holiday Time At The Conservatories!

This year for the holidays I decided I would visit my local Conservatories. They have four pyramids that have different plants and flowers in each of them from different climate zones, as well as one “feature pyramid.” I took some pictures from each pyramid of some of the different plants and flowers featured in each.

Here are a few pictures taken in the feature pyramid that had lots of poinsettias and a giant polar bear with over 100 white carnations. The polar bears head moved every four or five minutes, which came as a complete surprise to me!


Here are some pictures from the Tropical pyramid that had beautiful flowers and a pretty waterfall (below). conver-3



A few pictures from the Dessert pyramid (below).



Here is a picture of water fountain in the Temperate pyramid.


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Welcome September!


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Spring Is HERE!!

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Happy Winter Solstice!

Happy Winter Solstice and First Day Of Winter Everyone!!!

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