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A Mother’s Love!

Heroic Mother Dog Saves Her Puppies From Blazing House Fire!

You can read the whole story of how Amanda, the German Shepherd from Chile, saved her puppies from her family’s burning house right here.

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Happy World Cat Day!

Today is World Cat Day! “World Cat Day helps raise awareness of the love and companionship given to pet owners from their feline friends. It is celebrated throughout the world, every year on August 8.”

Happy World Cat Day from my fur babies to your fur babies! : )

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The Human Barbie Gives Daughter A $10,000 Breast Enhancement Voucher!?!?

“The Human Barbie” Gives Her Daughter A $10,000 Breast Enhancement Voucher For Her Seventh Birthday.


This lady has my vote for “Mother of the Year” -NOT!!

Sarah Burge, who is known as “The Human Barbie” gave her daughter Poppy a $10,000 breast enhancement voucher for her seventh birthday. At seven year’s of age, I didn’t know what boobs were, and did not care. I was too busy staying away from boys and not trying to catch “boy germs.”

Sarah Burge (the Mother) is so obsessed with looking like “The Human Barbie” that she has gone as far as to spending $800,000 in cosmetic enhancements. Sarah Burge now wants to turn her daughter into a glamor model and she claimed that when she gave her daughter Poppy the $10,000 breast enhancement voucher that Poppy “squealed with delight.” REALLY?  ....

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Dentist Pulls Out All Of Her Ex-Boyfriends Teeth After Split!

Breaking up is never easy. It’s even more painful when your ex-girlfriend rips 32 of your teeth out!!


OMG.. when I read this article of a scorned dentist who removed all of her ex-boyfriends teeth, my jaw hit the desk. This chick must have rocks in her head to go as far as to remove her ex-boyfriends teeth. The other question that comes to mind is …WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU BE HAVING A DENTAL PROCEDURE BY YOUR EX-GF!?!?!?!

This all started when Marek Olszewski had a major tooth ache and made an appointment with his ex-girlfriend Anna Mackowiak to have his sore tooth looked at. Marek Olszewski could never have imagined that his ex=girlfriend Anna Mackowiak would remove all of his teeth...

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Vienna’s First Cat Cafe

After three long years Vienna, Austria, has their very first Cat Café named “Cafe Neko.”. Unfortunately you will need to fly to Vienna if you want to visit with “Cafe Neko’s” five fur babies and enjoy a nice cup coffee.

I’m wondering if a Cat Café would take off where I live? I know I would love it if someone started one where I live. That’s one Cat Cafe I’d be visiting almost daily. I’m really happy that someone finally opened a Cat Café. It seems that only the dog lovers get all the attention, and us cat lovers are always left out, not anymore.

Customers at the “Cat Neko” can pet the five felines who live there named  Sonja, Thomas, Moritz, Luca and Momo...

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Starbucks To Stop Using Insects To Color Their Food And Drinks!

Starbugs: Coffee chain Starbucks to stop using insects to color food and drinks.

Ewwwwww….. If you’re going to put bug parts in my Starbucks coffee, at least tell me about it first! From this day forward, I shall refer to Starbucks as “StarBugs.


If you have not heard the latest news from Starbucks, well, let me fill you in. Starbucks finally came out and admitted to their coffee drinkers (on their blog) earlier this week that they have been using “beetle-based food dye” to color their strawberry flavored mixed drinks, and other foods like the raspberry swirl cake, and red velvet whoopie pies! Are you flipping kidding me!?!? ..I mean how long has Starbucks been using this beetle-based food dye in their food and drinks? I will always look at Starbucks differently now...

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