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Afternoon at the Museum

I just love going to the museum and seeing all of the history of my City and Province. I especially love walking through the area where they have all of the animals on display. The background and setting look so realistic, it’s like you are right there with them!  All of the pictures that I took are of are real animals, but they all died naturally (of natural causes), or were hit by a vehicle. None of these animals were shot and killed. Enjoy the pictures I had a blast at the museum and I could not wait to share these pictures with you all!

Bighorn Sheep

Golden Eagle and her baby

Baby Coyote

Trumpeter Swans and her babies

Mountain Lion

A family of Golden Eagles

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My Favorite Top Five Romantic Movies!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, I decided to put together my Top Five Favorite Romantic Movies list that I love to watch around Valentine’s Day. Nothing is better than enjoying a glass of wine, chocolate, and a good movie to put you in that romantic mood.

1) The Notebook

2) Pretty Women

3) Titanic

4) Little Mermaid

5) Dirty Dancing


What are your top five romantic movies? Let me know if you have any great recommends in the comments! =-)

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Winter time at the Zoo

I decided one afternoon to visit my local Zoo and check out all the winter animals that they have there at this time of the year. I’m so happy I did. I got to see a Snow Leopard, Siberian Tiger, Arctic Fox, and a Red Panda just to name a few. Here are some pictures that I took of some of the animals that I saw there.

This little guy is soooo cute, he’s an Arctic Fox.

What a big boy this beautiful Siberian Tiger is.

This guy is a Snowy Owl and is so pretty.

Here is a nice picture of a Red Fox. “What does the fox say?” LOL.. Not much as it turns out..

What a treat it was to see a Snow Leopard. I was so in awe looking at this gorgeous animal and it’s power.

This cute guy is a Red Panda from China. They are so playful!!

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(Co-Hosting) Book Review Diva’s Weekly Blog Hop!

I am so happy to be co-hosting Book Review Diva’s Blog Hop this week!

This blog hop is for anyone who loves reading books like myself. The Blog Hop runs from Sunday until Friday. Be sure make sure you come back and network with other book lovers.

Happy Sunday, welcome back to Book Review Diva’s Blog/Website hop! My blog/website hop will run every week from Sunday morning to Friday night. This link up is for anyone like myself who loves books and loves reading them! Taking a button is optional. Remember, visiting other websites is what makes blog hops work and grow! Thanks for joining, have fun and see you next Sunday. 🙂

Blog Hop Rules

1) I would love it you could grab my button and display
it on your sidebar or links page.

2) Link up your main page only and no duplicate links pl...

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Beautiful Winter/Xmas Artwork!

Every now and then I come across some beautiful artwork and I just have to marvel at the talent of the artist. Here are some winter/Xmas artwork that I wanted to share with you all.

Artwork by Tatjana Willms

Artwork by Anne Stokes

Artwork By Melissa Dawn

Artwork By DonatellaDrago

Artwork By AmandaDaHamster

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Wordless Wednesday: Beautiful Rainbow!

I love rainbows, and I always look forward to seeing a beautiful rainbow after a thunderstorm. With all of the gloomy and overcast weather we have been getting lately, I thought I would upload a picture of a beautiful rainbow that I took this summer. Enjoy everyone!

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