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Vapour Organic Beauty Product Review

Mesmerize Eye Shimmer (Sugar)
Mesmerize Eyeliner (Ink)
Vapour Multi Use Blush (Courtesan)
Elixir Plumping Lip Gloss (Beguile)
Illusionist Concealer


Luxury, Performance and Purity

My Findings: I only use organic makeup on my skin. Of the Vapour Organic Beauty products that I was sent to try, I really liked their Mesmerize Eye Shimmer (Sugar), Mesmerize Eyeliner (Ink), and Elixir Plumping Lip Gloss (Beguile). I love the sparkle of the Mesmerize Eye Shimmer (Sugar) and how it added just the right amount of color. The Mesmerize Eyeliner (Ink) goes on nice and smooth and has a foam smudger on the end of the pencil to blend your eyeliner nicely. Elixir Plumping Lip Gloss (Beguile) colored my lips nicely and gave my lips a nice sexy “glossy” look to them.

All of Vapour Organic Beauty Products...

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Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Review

Natural Colour Makeup Collection Sets: (Warm, Cool and Neutral)


To provide women with truly natural and healthy beauty products.

My Findings:  I was extremely impressed by Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques. The quality of this makeup is amazing. The makeup adheres well, and lasts all day long. If you are like me, and like to minimize the toxic chemicals and petroleum-based ingredients you put on your skin, know that Brooke Cosmetiques is completely Organic. Their product line is based on organic plant oils and extracts.

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Lip Glosses are made with 100% Organic Castor Oil & Coconut Oil, plus Organic Pomegranate & Green Tea Extracts. I love that Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques uses Stevia Leaf as one of the ingredients in their lip glosses, SWEET!

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques e...

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Review: KmS Mineral Essentials Cosmetics Review

KmS Mineral Essentials Cosmetics: Minnk Pigment, Latte Pigment, Cafe Au Lait Eye Color Shadows,  Radiance- All Over Face Color, and Soulmate Sparkling Lip Gloss Review

KmS Mineral Essentials Cosmetics offers a great selection of mineral based makeup for the girl who likes to use natural makeup without all the harsh chemicals that are in most of today’s cosmetics.  I was very excited to try the makeup that KmS Mineral Essentials Cosmetics sent me to try out, and my findings are below.

Your Secret to Beautiful Skin!

KmS Mineral Essentials Cosmetics “Minnk Pigment, Latte Pigment and Cafe Au Lait Pigment”- Eye Color Shadows:

My Findings: All three eye shadows that I received looked amazing absolutely amazing on my eyes...

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