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Dying Easter Eggs All Naturally!

I love it when I come across articles that detail how to make things “all-naturally,” without harsh chemicals. Being the organic nut that I am, I’m always on the hunt for the latest all natural recipe or craft. With that being said, Easter is a week away and I came across this awesome article on Organic Authority. This website is one of my all time favorite websites, and they had this article on how to dye your Easter eggs the all-natural way.

Have fun dying your Easter eggs everyone!

“Simply prepare as many hard-boiled eggs as you’d like to color, and the dyes as follows. These dyes are best left overnight, so clean out a couple of mason jars as well. Once you’ve mixed your dyes, place as many eggs as you’d like in each jar, cover, and refrigerate overnight...

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone!



Every Diva should not forget her lucky green shamrock pumps. She must have them for when she is heading out for night on the town, to enjoy some green beer and to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.


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