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Golden Earth Review

Golden Earth: Body Wash & Perfume Review

Golden Earth’s products are all natural and use only the best aromatherapy oils derived from nature. I love aromatherapy oils and love it when aromatherapy oils are combined into body washes and perfumes. Golden Earth sent me two of their roll on perfumes “Tranquility” and “Fresh” and they also sent me the matching scents in their body washes. All of Golden Earth’s ingredients are organic and are not harmful to the skin or body. Read on for more..

Aromatherapy body care from nature that is good for you!

Earth Perfume – Tranquility

My Findings: I really loved the smell of Golden Earth’s perfume called “Tranquility.” This perfume has two of my top favorite scents in it, sandalwood and cedarwood...

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Review: Aromago Review

 Aromago “Revive Stick” Review

If you have never heard of the company called Aromago, you have now. Aromago makes these really cool compact, dual purpose, aromatherapy inhalers/dabbers (called aromago sticks) that contain essential oils to help to either pick you (Revive), or clam you down (Relax) when needed. I had the opportunity to review the “Revive” aromatherapy stick, so read on and I’ll tell you more.

Aromatherapy on-the-go!

My Findings:  I spend 8-10 hours a day behind a computer and come mid-afternoon I start to feel a bit tired. I found that with one or two deep inhales of Aromago’s Revive Stick, I immediately start to feel more alert and ready to take on more of my day...

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Review: Ancient Minerals Magnesium Lotion and Magnetic Clay-Edible Earth Review

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Lotion, and Magnetic Clay-Edible Earth Review

I’m so excited to share this product review with all of you. If you are looking for natural products to help detox your body, or add back magnesium to your body, then you are going to love learning more about LL’s Magnetic Clay’s products!

100% natural detoxification and supportive therapies with only a force that mother nature can accommodate us with.

Ancient Minerals-Ancient Minerals Magnesium Lotion: If you are like me, and for what ever reason just cannot seem to get enough magnesium in your diet, you are going to love LL Magnetic Clay’s Magnesium Lotion product. LL Magnetic Clay’s has formulated a very unique magnesium based lotion that will help you take in more magnesium, if that’s what you require...

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Review: Maxim Hygiene Review

Maxim Hygiene: Super Organic Applicator Tampons,  Ultra Thin Winged Pads Overnight & Organic Cotton Swabs Review

I have always wanted to try organic feminine hygiene products, and when I came across Maxim Hygiene I immediately contacted them to try their products. I was sent three products to try out, Hygiene-Super Organic Tampons, Natural Ultra Thin Winged Pads Overnight, and Organic Cotton Swabs. I was really excited to try these out since I have a bad reaction to chlorine that developed from swimming for so many years in a chlorinated pool. Almost all feminine hygiene products on the store shelves today use chlorine bleached cotton, and it turns out after reviewing these products, THAT was why I was always experiencing HEAVY cramps and irritation...

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Review: Tropical Traditions- Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil

Tropical Traditions – Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil Review


I’m a huge fan of coconut oil, it’s a regular staple in my diet. I eat a small spoonful of coconut oil almost every day because it tastes so good, and the health benefits I have personally found are very noticeable.  I use coconut oil in my baking, soups, and also for things like frying eggs, and other things because coconut oil stands up so well to heat. I also find that it works great as a face moisturizer and lip balm.

Tropical Traditions- Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil is certified Organic, with USDA certification, and is non-GMO, and originates from the Philippines...

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