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Product Review of Natural Vitality

Natural Calm (8oz)
Natural Calm Plus Calcium (8oz)
Natural Calm Packets

Natural Vitality

Nurture Your Inner Nature

My Findings of Natural Vitality: This is an amazing health supplement that I truly believe everyone should have in their house.

I have unknowingly suffered from having low Magnesium levels since I was a child. Later on in life, as I tried more and more things to correct the imbalance, I found that supplementing with magnesium would give me a more correct balance, and stop my muscles from cramping up on me. I was also very constipated, and it also helped me “go.” šŸ˜‰ ..I have tried many supplements over the years, but I always felt like I was never getting enough, or the correct balance. it was as if my body was having difficulty absorbing magnesium properly.

One day as I was shopping at m...

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Prairie Naturals Product Review

LeanWhey Protein Powder-Chocolate Supreme
LeanWhey Protein Powder-Strawberry Raspberry Cream
LeanWhey Protein Powder-French Vanilla Cream
Organic & Fair Trade Powder-Wheat Grass
Organic & Fair Trade Powder-Barley Grass
Organic Flax Seeds


Live The Healthy Lifestyle

My Findings of LeanWhey Protein Powders: In the past I have tried several protein shakes and they all have for the most part lacked taste, or were full of sugars with unneeded calories. Prairie Naturals LeanWhey Protein Powders are super tasty with lots of flavor, and they are also sweetened with Stevia making them much lower in calories. I have a protein shake every morning with my breakfast and it keeps my full feeling until lunchtime...

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Mirage Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Review

Mirage Diffuser


Bring Long-Lasting Tranquility to Your Home

My Findings Of Mirage Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser:

I’m a huge fan of diffusers and when I saw Zaq’s Mirage Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser, I just had to review it. First off let me say that I’m extremely impressed with the look and style of Zaq’s diffuser. When I plugged it, in filled it up and added my favorite oil blend, it started to rotate through many wonderful and relaxing colors as the oil infused vapor came streaming from the top. The diffuser allows you to add a pretty good amount of water to it and keeps your house smelling wonderful for about 5-6 hours and then shuts off automatically. The diffuser is supper easy to clean and to fill with your favorite aromatherapy oils...

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Raw Elements Review

Raw Elements Sunscreen Review

Raw Elements is a sunscreen company that offers several all natural sunscreens, from a lotion to a sunscreen stick, for the sun worshipers like myself , who do not want to burn while getting some Vitamin D. Raw Elements sent me their Eco Formula SPF 30 sunscreen for review. I’m very pleased with this sunscreen and I will go into more detail below in my review. Raw Elements has no nano zinc oxide in it, and is GMO free, and Organic.

The safest, most effective sunscreen on our planet.

My Findings:
Just in time for the hot summer days, I’m happy to say that Raw Elements sunscreens did what they claim, effectively protect your skin from the SUN. Raw ElementsĀ  sunscreen goes on nice and thick and really coats the skin so not much sun can penetrate your skin...

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Soothers Aromathearpy Review

Soothers Review

Calming Aroma Spray Mist
Citrus Aroma Spray Mist
Headache Aroma Spray Mist
PMS Aroma Spray Mist
Soothers Aroma Spray Mist
Spicy Aroma Spray Mist

I have reviewed products from Soothers before and I just loved them. All of Soothers products are completely natural and have no harsh chemicals in them. Read on and find out what I thought of the Soothers lineĀ  aromatherapy spray mists!

ā€œSoothing Your Life Naturally!ā€

My Findings: If you looking for a little pick me up, or, if you are feeling a headache coming on, then you are going to love Soothers spray mists. Soothers sent me their line of spray mists to review, I’m happy they did. I use these mists all the time I especially love the headache mist and the Spicy mist. I love aromatherapy oils I use them almost daily.


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Ancient Minerals Review

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Chloride Flakes, and Nascent Iodine Review

Magnesium Chloride Flakes
Nascent Iodine

In the past I have reviewed some really great products from Ancient Minerals and have been extremely pleased with them. Ancient Minerals sent me their Ancient Minerals Magnesium Bath flakes and their Nascent Iodine to try. Both of these products far exceed my expectations and are well worth purchasing. All of Ancient Minerals are natural and have no added chemicals in them what so ever.

100% natural detoxification and supportive therapies with only a force that mother nature can accommodate us with.

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Chloride Flakes

My Findings of Ancient Minerals Magnesium Chloride Flakes: I always add bath salts to my bath at night for the added benefit of magnesiu...

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